The 5 Most Popular Christmas Carols That Set a Tradition

Christmas is by far the most favored holiday for pretty much everyone around the world. Family traditions are passed down from generation to generation, many based on the many Christmas carols, foods and gift traditions.

Christmas CarolsCarols are traditional pieces of music that specifically center on the Christmas holiday and the many activities included in the season. The following are among some of the favored Christmas carols.

“Silent Night” is one of the oldest Christmas carols known. It evokes the solemnity of the season and reminds families of the holiday’s religious significance. It is often sung by carolers as the last song of the evening to wind down the night’s festivities.

“O Holy Night” has been a holiday favorite for decades. The song reminds listeners of the beauty of the holidays as well as its spiritual connections. Its slow melody allows for reflection and is a family favorite most often played while decorating the house or baking for the holidays.

“Joy to the World” just puts celebration in the air. Traditions based on this upbeat carol include spending time with family and friends and decorating the home for family gatherings. While rich in spiritual meaning, it is uplifting and a popular favorite of carolers.

“O Christmas Tree” has been the traditional favorite played while families set up and decorate the holiday tree. The carol originated in Germany under the name “O, Tannenbaum”, and has since become a worldwide favorite.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is a favorite with families who have small children. The song helps to build the excitement and expectation of the children and allows adults to relive fond childhood memories by renewing old family traditions.

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