Merging Study and Play!

Learn And Play Game For Kids

Learning is an endless-process and occurs throughout life. When it comes to children, they learn from a variety of sources – parents, teachers, caregivers and friends. Throughout their development, they learn from different sources and once source that tends show positive results is play. It is an exciting way to introduce new concepts, encourage analytical thinking, teaches them problem solving and risk taking skills and promote independence, creativity and imagination.

During early childhood, play is one of the most important parts of a child’s life. It is through play that a child learns to concentrate, socialize and learn life skills that help the child’s mental and physical-development.

Why Is Play Important?

Children love to play. According to available-research, play is not just about fun and games. It provides a stimulating and challenging environment for children where they can learn and develop their minds. They learn to work through play and pick up different-concepts of life while playing. While children are playing, they take in what they want to and discard the rest.

How Can Parents Help?

Parents need to ensure that they provide a lot of opportunities to their children where they can play in a safe and secure environment. Parents should make it a point to provide the necessary-materials, so that children are encouraged to enhance their imagination and creativity while they are having fun. It is also important that parents observe their kids while they are playing, so that they can lend their support and further the interests of their kids.

Drama Lessons For Kids

Drama as a Learning Tool

There is no doubt that children love role-playing. They love pretending to be someone they are not. It allows them to use their imagination. Drama is one way to teach kids in a painless and entertaining way. And, when their parents and teachers join them, it becomes all the more fun and interesting.

Drama and theater are not only enjoyable and fun, they also allow the children to expand their thinking, provide new-options for development of new behaviors and is very rewarding for the child, parents and teachers.

About Debora Wondercheck

Debora Wondercheck is the Founder and Executive Director of the Arts and Learning Conservatory (A&L), a non-profit performing arts and theater school in Orange County, California. Debora and her husband Gary began A&L with one summer camp in 2004. Since then she has produced over 40 productions and helped create highly reputed music and theater acts. She loves inspiring and being inspired by children and works closely with parents, staff and community leaders to create a fun, unique and creative environment for all children.